It can be said that ''digital'' interconnectedness is becoming more and more important in this present time. Because we maintain much more contact with loved ones and colleagues by using social media, video calls, and so on. Digital nearness in times of social distance

Also as a result of people working from home, you see that more people are using their phones and therefore also make more use of social media. This is also reflected in a number of remarkable figures about our use of social media in this period of time.

We can see from our own figures from clients over the period of March that we have a growth of 53% in reached people, 67% in impressions and 17% more interaction between people and an organization!



In China, where work has largely been resumed, several studies have already been published on the impact of the corona crisis on consumer behaviour. The use of online platforms has also increased significantly in China. That's why Chinese marketeers are saying that they are changing their strategies to a more intensive online approach and are implementing cuts in their offline budget. (source: Dentsu Aegis Network

So this is the time to invest in your social media approach for now and for the long term!

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