Social media advertising

Social media and mainly Facebook and Instagram are ideal for advertising. No other medium is so specific and measurable. This way a targeted advertisement can provide more reach, likes, clicks to the website or other conversion for your organization.

We help you reach the right target group with the right message. In this way, based on our experience, we ensure an optimal result that is periodically reported with concrete figures.


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More followers, a wide range, clicks to your Website, product sales or a big turnout for your event. These are just a few goals of a social media advertising campaign that you can use for very specific target groups. We ensure that social media advertising is relevant to your target group and not irritating.


Social media users

Funnel advertising

Funnel advertising can be used to achieve optimal results and remain relevant for the target groups. In the first phase, a broad target group is reached for brand awareness and users, who have interacted or watched a video for a certain period of time, flow to the next phase with a different message. By applying the AIDI (attention, interest, desire & action) model in these phases, users become increasingly involved and a higher conversion is achieved.


More followers

Every product or organization needs a community. A group of consumers or citizens. This community is also the group that actively follows your product or organization and participates in the interaction. We can provide more Likes for your Facebook page or more followers for your Instagram account. We can do this through the use of advertising or with automation.


Target group research

Social media advertising is only useful if it ends up with the right target groups. That is why we can specify many characteristics of your target group for you on the basis of big data. Not only geographic and age data, but also interests that are specific to your target group. Information that can be used in addition to the use of social advertising in your entire organization. We would like to make a target group analysis for you so that you learn what the characteristics of your target group are and what interests they have.



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