Social Media Strategy

Support and interaction are the two most important values ​​in social media. To make the most of this, a good strategy is important. For example, it is important to formulate the tone-of-voice of your organization and to name what makes your product or organization unique. Authenticity is in fact distinctive in the mountain of information we receive daily through our social media timeline. We have extensive experience in the use of social media for governments, semi-governmental organizations, B2C and brand organizations.

This way we can guide your organization with the use of social media, after which this can be filled in on time. It is also possible that we take the social media commitment completely out of your hands.



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B2C and Brand organizations

B2C and brand organizations want to involve consumers in their product or organization in order to eventually sell more products. Social media can no longer be ignored. A good content strategy supported by social media advertising ensures a wide reach and brand value. We have extensive experience with social media commitment to B2C and brand organizations. We look forward to discussing how you can make your organization or brand even more successfu

Governments and semi-governments

For governments and semi-governmental organizations, it is important to create support for the things they do and involve citizens. Every interaction is therefore a form of citizen participation. In addition, in our vision every employee has an obligation to communicate. We are familiar with the latest trends in government communication and have extensive experience with social media commitment for governments and semi-governmental organizations. For you we can formulate a strategy or draw up a policy plan so that your organization can get started with social media and thus involve its citizens or target group even more.

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